Infrared Saunas

Enjoy the high quality of all Canadian wood construction saunas, designed with ease of assembly in mind.
Portable and Affordable

Low and Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Saunas from Sauna King USA!

About Sauna King USA & Syracuse Sauna King

Sauna King USA is the premier sauna reseller in North America. Our Affordable Infrared Saunas are durable, easy to assemble and very portable if you move. Sauna King USA is dedicated to getting the most saunas into homes in America. We know firsthand about the health benefits of infrared saunas and their ability to reduce stress. It is our passion.

Make a life changing purchase by buying your own in-home sauna from Sauna King USA. Infrared saunas provide soothing heat that radiates directly to the body, inducing a deep sweat for cleansing, detoxifying the body, and burning calories.

Buy an affordable sauna for your home. Get your health back, relieve stress and feel great again.


Transform Your Health

Experience the difference of the latest Infrared Sauna technology. Our affordable saunas bring the health benefits or professional health spa into your home.  See Health Benefits Sauna

Weight Loss Stress Relief
Cardiovascular Health Improved Immune System
Skin Detoxification Muscle Relaxation


Sauna King USA: The Best Sauna Buying Guide

The Official In-Home Sauna Buying Guide When it comes to infrared saunas, there are a lot of factors to consider before making a purchase. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our sauna buying guide will walk you through...

Expanded Showroom

Now you can have the Home Show any day! See our EXPANDED showroom on State Fair Boulevard and actually touch the models and see which one works best for you and your space.

A Note From Our Manufacturer

It has been an amazing 15 months of strong growth and demand for infrared saunas. We have seen our business grow from 13000 units per year to over 23000 in 2020. We are on pace surpass 2020 and excited to introduce new models for 2023. We will provide more information and images as we get...
Can your sauna help fight pneumonia?

Can Your Sauna Help Fight Pneumonia?

Using a sauna at least twice a week could slash the risk of potentially deadly infections like pneumonia, research shows. Men who enjoyed sauna sessions on a regular basis were almost 30 per cent less likely to develop the life-threatening illness. And four times a week or more cut the risk even further, by almost...


Sauna King USA Saunas are some of the best built saunas available in North America. 

The Sauna King Story

Learn how we got our start and our mission to put a sauna in every home in America.

Answers to Questions

We have your answer! Find a list of commonly asked questions.

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