It has been an amazing 15 months of strong growth and demand for infrared saunas. We have seen our business grow from 13000 units per year to over 23000 in 2020. We are on pace surpass 2020 and excited to introduce new models for 2023. We will provide more information and images as we get closer to launch.
As everyone knows, there has been extreme cost increases for raw materials (especially wood from Canada), ocean freight increases (averaging $10,000 or more per container), as well as 40% in outbound LTL shipping. Unfortunately we are unable to absorb all these cost increases and have to implement new costing effective July 1, 2021. GDINA will try every effort to keep the new costing through the end of the year. We like to thank all of you for your support and we hope we will be able to provide all the saunas you need for the remaining of the year.

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